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Welcome to On Second Thought,  Laser Tattoo Removal! We
are Springfield's expert in effective laser tattoo removal. Laser
tattoo removal is the only treatment that we perform and we are
the only dedicated laser tattoo removal facility in Springfield

We offer a
free consultation and use the latest technology to
remove your unwanted tattoo. Our staff is specially educated
and experienced in tattoo removal to give you the best results.

On Second Thought...Tattoo Removal is the trusted specialist
for tattoo removal in Missouri.  Please enjoy our website or call
to learn more about our effective and safe procedure to
remove your tattoo.
Laser Tattoo Removal is Effective and Affordable

At On Second Thought, we use the most advanced tattoo removal laser on the market, the Affinity QS system.  
We are experts at tattoo removal,  and it is the only treatment we offer.  Patients report minimal discomfort and
are amazed by how easily we can remove their tattoo.  Visit our
tattoo removal pictures page to see some of the
great work our laser has done.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will answer many common questions our patients have about laser tattoo

On Second Thought...Laser Tattoo Removal

We've removed almost every kind of tattoo,  from names to symbols to full sleeves and backs.  Laser tattoo
removal is the only effective way to remove tattoos.   We can remove tattoos of almost every color,  from black to
red to orange and even yellow. Just note, that green and light blue are very difficult colors to remove. Using the
world's most advanced laser makes us the best choice for Missouri tattoo removal.

Patients are amazed by how affordable tattoo removal can be.  Years ago, our procedures would be less
effective and costs tens of thousands of dollars.  Today, we’re able to make tattoo removal affordable within
almost any budget. The price of many sessions can be as low as $100. Not only are we Springfield's expert at
laser tattoo removal, we are also the most affordable.  

In today's economy, people are looking for work, but most can't get hired if they have tattoo's showing.  They
either have to wear long sleeves in hot weather to cover them up, or cover them with wraps and/or band-aids.  
Although we are the most affordable with prices that will NEVER be lower than they are right now, sometimes
thats still difficult.   So if you need financing to help you remove yourself of the burden....try

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